The Double Davy

I’ve tried a lot of knots. Over time, I’ve found the Double Davy to be the strongest, easiest to tie, and the one that minimizes tippet waste.

I first heard about the knot from a magazine interview with Kelly Galloup of the Slide Inn, which is adjacent to the famed Upper Madison River. My favorite fishing excursion thus far was staying on the banks of the river and fishing it for a week. Heaven. Wild trout everywhere. Enormous caddis hatches, with (literally) clouds of bugs billowing above the water.

I went to Kelly’s fly shop a few times and enjoyed chatting with him. He knows his stuff and is very generous with his advice. He’s a guy with whom you’d love to grab beers and just listen to his knowledge.

So, when I read he uses the Double Davy, I looked into it.

Since using the knot, I’ve yet to lose a fish due to an improperly tied knot.  I lose them for other reasons, but that knot is The Real Deal. One less thing about which to worry when you have a really big fish on.

Instructions on tying the knot are here. Hope it helps you….


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