Embrace Our Streams

If you hadn’t noticed, the rivers were blown out this weekend.

The Deerfield by Charlemont hit nearly 9,000 cfs, which was a real drag because the only water really able to be tackled safely was the Swift.

It also was a problem because the high water meant the Deerfield River Watershed TU chapter couldn’t get the first round of surveys done for the expansion of its trout spawning study (if you haven’t heard about it, read here, here, and here)


The good news is, if you couldn’t make it this weekend to help, there are now weekend dates on the 10th, 11th and 17th, and also, Monday the 18th. If you want to take part in conserving our wild trout, email: deerfieldrivertu@gmail.com.

In other good news, the DRWTU has earned a $6,000 “Embrace a Stream” grant from TU National to carry on the conservation work. However, the work to be done is going to cost a lot more, even with all of the volunteering.

But, in other, other good news, the chapter also has a chance at winning a chunk of $50,000 if it manages to raise enough funds through this week (link here)! The DRWTU is holding a kick-off party at Blue Rock Cafe in Shelburne Falls. It will be tonight on Monday, November 5, 6:30 pm.

Bring a cell phone and/or a laptop to help with the fund-drive and a good thirst as free beer is going to be served, thanks to Stoneman Brewery of Colrain. But, make sure to call to make sure there are still seats left!

If you can’t make it but still want to help, reach out to friends/family and ask them to donate, especially tonight. Even $1 can make a big difference.

The grant-drive will help them secure a bigger chunk of the $50,000 that Orvis puts up for TU. The grant will help pay for scientific survey equipment, cameras to record flow levels, and best of all, a fellow grad student to get paid for helping do the research.

Donations are tax-deductible! Send them this link. Here is a short link, too: bit.ly/2EQG00j. Please amplify this post on your social media accounts, too? It’s for a great cause: protect the wild fish at the Deerfield.


5 thoughts on “Embrace Our Streams

  1. Donating now! Joe, the work that you’re doing is so amazing for the Deerfield; it also will motivate other TU Chapters to take action, too.

  2. I just donated! Good luck with your upcoming project. Hopefully the work you guys are doing today helps the Deerfield reach its potential as a wild trout fishery!

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