Trout Stocking Update and Our River Guides

The stocking trucks in Massachusetts and Connecticut have been rolling (updates, respectively, here and here). The trout season in New Hampshire ends October 15.

So, prepare to fish!

As of yesterday, the Deerfield, Farmington, Nissitissit, Squannacook, Swift and Westfield have been stocked. The Millers, Quinapoxet and Willimantic (among many others) are on deck for when flows lower.

I’m hearing that quite a few members of our blog community are making plans to fish or hunt.

If the former, don’t forget our detailed DIY river guides and fly picks. As you may know, we track what dries, nymphs and streamers tend to work on which rivers.

Also, remember that “you get what you pay for.” We hope our recommendations work for you, but there is no guarantee. The blog team here comprises of volunteers. We all have day jobs and offer our perspectives for free. Any profits from ads or Amazon affiliate links will be given away to charities.

I usually book an overnight fishing trip on Columbus Day weekend. This year, instead, I have other travel plans. So, I look forward to hearing how you do!

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather.


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11 thoughts on “Trout Stocking Update and Our River Guides

  1. I’ll be up in Southern Vt this weekend. Was hoping to Fisher the Deerfield. Lower section not stocked yet. Is it too crazy to fish Zohar at 1400?

    1. Hi John, I don’t have the info to comment on specific spots. I know anglers who regularly do well fishing high water.

      If my schedule permitted, I definitely would be fishing this weekend. The fish are there, and they’re eating.

      During two high water days at the Farmington last week, Damon and I did well, and I learned the following:

      • We usually fished from the bank
      • The active fish were within 5’ to 10’ of the bank in water waist-deep or less
      • We targeted the inside parts of bends, where the water was quieter, soft seams and slicks near shore, and the bubbly and slow water at the end of pools
      • We fished flies that were bright. I tightlined or floated the sighter 90% of the time.

      How that helps!

  2. Thanks. I’ll give it a shot somewhere. Did modestly well on Monday at the Farmington on junk flies fishing close. Your posts are gems!

  3. I landed a couple of bows on streamers on Sunday on the Deerfield (one below the dam, one at the Zoar picnic area), both on streamers. I think the flow was about 1100. When it’s that heavy, please just be careful wading. It’s a lot of water! I probably should have played it a little safer myself.

    1. Thank you for the info my friend. Read the message on the way there. Flow was around 1300 when I left in the AM. Wading was no big issue. Landed three on a tight line. Frenchie seems to be the winner

      1. @John: Nice! I think I waded out too far to get the right retrieve on the streamer. Your approach sounds wiser. Tight lines!

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