Wild Brook Trout

I awoke early to chase wild brook trout for just a few hours. Off and on, I’ve been exploring small streams. Many times, I hit dead water. Sometimes, I find some fish. Always, though, I learn something.

Today, after last night’s cold snap, I received no hits on nymphs while fishing upstream at a favorite location. Tried a dry-dropper. Nothing.

The water temperature was lower than the last time I was at this particular spot. Perhaps, the fish needed something substantial to encourage them to move?

With nothing to lose, on the way downstream, I put on the JT Special and got a take on the first cast. Thankfully, it didn’t pop off, and I was able to see a gorgeous brookie. What a relief! The skunk was off!

For deeper runs, I added a Rainbow Warrior for more weight and started to tightline again, ending each drift by swinging the flies. I got takes on both the nymph and the streamer, both on the drift and the swing. Quite a few brook trout came to say hello. Most were 6” to 8”. A midge wet fly also did well. I will write about that pattern in the future.

The two best fish are in the video below. One was 12” and the other was very pretty. I guess it pays to experiment with different flies.

Some photos below. Enjoy your Sunday!


7 thoughts on “Wild Brook Trout

  1. Nice fish! I am a New York native used to fishing the trout streams of the Catskill Mountains. Do you have any suggestions for fishing areas within driving distance from Boston? I am living here for school and want to do some fly fishing this fall!

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