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With a busy life keeping me away from trout the past few weeks, I managed to carve out a brief afternoon window for the Swift Hatchery Pipe area.

It was challenging. IMO, skip this stretch.

I was throwing dries downstream at the top of the run and could see everyone. About six anglers cycled in and out. No one below me had fish on from what I saw. I chatted after with one of them, who found that it was a tough outing. Maybe it was the high flows? Maybe it was because the water felt warmer than usual, which I attribute to reservoir turnover (cf. this post) at the Quabbin?

Maybe it was all about my location, but, I luckily went three-for-three throwing small dries. No monsters in the net. But, I am happy for the rainbow and two brookies that Lady Luck provided.

I didn’t see many fish or any brookies on redds. I continue to think that September and much of October are very challenging at the Swift. I find conditions are much better in November, once the brookies are in full spawning mode.

So, with the CT and MA stocking trucks starting to roll, I think other waters will be more productive.

As for me, I will continue to focus mostly on the Farmington. I am still trying to learn that gem of a river. Water flows there are low right now, but I’d like to take on that challenge.

Stay tuned. I hope to have a report next week.


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6 thoughts on “Stay Tuned

    1. Thanks! A weird day. No takes on anything else, whilst a #20 X-Caddis went 3-for-3. Brown shuck, olive body, CDC, too.

      Good news is that I earlier went exploring for the blog and found quite a few wild brookies at a desolate area. Will write about it after a few more outings.

  1. I fished for a couple hours after work last night and immediately noticed the water was warmer than last time there a few days ago. Not much action in the zone I fished with one small brook trout caught on a #16 olive emerger pattern. Possibly one more hit fishing sub surface with a PT nymph in a faster run, but that could have been bottom. Unlike last time out when a few fish were rising, nothing was rising at all last night. I look forward to the slower flows when that happens again, but who knows when it will.

    1. Sam, it’s great you got a chance to get out.

      Yes, the turnover happens every fall, and I’m always surprised by it. The first time it happened, I didn’t know what was going on until some of the Swift Regulars, many of whom fish the river every single day, told me.

      It certainly is weird to wade in and not feel that cold water….

      1. Indeed strange to dip my hand in the water and it felt downright warm tonight compared to the ambient air temps in the mid 50’s. I need to buy a water temperature thermometer one of these days, but I would estimate the water temp to be in the mid 60’s, maybe a tad higher. At any rate, the temperature change seems to have the fish off of their game with nothing doing whatsoever, sub-surface or on top. One good thing though, I was the only one fishing the area except for my good friend from high school that I ran into. Nothing doing for him either tonight.

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