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Fished Friday evening and all day Saturday. Friday night was a quick trip to the Nissitissit. I had some time to kill before Evening Sun Fly Shop opened. The river was stocked but very low. Fish were stacked in up in the remaining deep, fast runs. I fished for an hour and went 3 of 4 with 2 beefy bows and a holdover brookie.

I fished the Millers above Bearsden on Saturday. The fishing was tough. Lots of creek chubs and only 3 trout: 2 browns and one male brookie. Lots of misses as well. I came up empty at the usual reliable spots. The general consensus is that the Millers is not as good as last year. It may be because of the low flows or due to the less dense stocking this year. Something was clearly off. I plan to return in November. Until then, we need much more rain.

The real show stealer was this nice holdover brown. It tore downstream as soon as it felt the hook. Lots of side pressure and luck got it in. A very muscular fish indeed.


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