Farmington: Day 3

Day 3 was a hard-work day. Landed six and felt that I really had to persist.

The day started with rain and overcast conditions, which raised my expectations. I am hitting new spots each day, and I went to a place with some riffles.

Crouched low, I tightlined a stretch and found a fish.

Does the state stock tiger trout in this area? This fish was about 9” and had perfect fins. I don’t know, but, do you?

The next few spots were dry.

At this point, it was about 12 noon. I decided to hit some water that previously yielded many fish. It requires very challenging wading. I caught a few.

The best fish of the day was there, a 14” rainbow at a slow and bubbly seam. It took a Red Dart, which you can see below.

At this point, old age hit me. So, I decided to visit a place for dry fly fishing with easy access.

There was very little bug activity when I got there. But, I knew fish were there. I spent a few hours casting to them. Saw many refusals. And, at long last, landed a small rainbow on a Renegade.

It is fun to end the day with dries!


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2 thoughts on “Farmington: Day 3

  1. Bear in mind that small hatchery trout have better fins than larger ones, generally. That being said, I wouldn’t be even a little bit surprised if that were a wild tiger. They are more common than most would suspect. I’ve caught two and lost one, and seen two others caught in person. They are out there.

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