Farmington: Day 1

I am away for my semiannual fishing weekend at the Farmington.

Before leaving, I decided to fish new water very far south of my usual spots. Now that the weather is cooler, I wanted to venture far and avoid any crowds.

So, I decided to fish mostly the “C” waters, those areas largely overlooked this late in the season.

I took a vacation day on Friday and focused on tightlining. With flows very low due to another drought, I cherry picked some water and casted from afar. The Red Dart was the best fly of the day, duping some browns and rainbows.

The best fish of the day was 15.5” with a large kype. Once unhooked, it leapt out of the net before the photo opp. A beauty of a fish!

I ended the day catching fish on dries during an afternoon BWO hatch. The Euro leader can cast dries adequately and only small flies worked. I was surprised to see quite a few fish rising even though it was sunny and bright out.

Friday summary: Went six-for-10.


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2 thoughts on “Farmington: Day 1

  1. Hope you have a great weekend. Fished there on Thursday in lots of new to me spots, and my only fish came to a Perdigon. Many refusals to tan caddis emergers and CDC tan caddis.
    Glad you can fish dry with your T&T. I know my ESN 10′ 3wt works with smaller flies when needed.

    1. Thank you! Fish are spooky right now with flows so low. Definitely have to work hard. But, it is a blessing to be outside and to see the New England landscape start to change colors. Hope you’re well.

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