At the Bench: Black-Nosed Dace

I awoke at 2.30 am. And, decided to stay home.

The weather forecast called for a chilly morning, and I find that those conditions in September at the Farmington usually mean a low-volume outing that is not worth all the driving. I like to be home if possible on weekend afternoons to spend time with the family, like other Dad-anglers I know.

So, last night, I was unsure about going. This morning, I just wasn’t feeling it, you know?

Moreover, a few blog readers recently suggested that I try streamers in the fall. Steve in particular suggested a small Black-Nosed Dace. So, it seemed like a good time to make a new fly.

So, I looked at some videos and just made this little guy, which I will try next time out as part of a Euro set-up.

I don’t enjoy swinging big streamers. IMO, they can spook a run, and I like to thoroughly work an area when I know there are fish.

But, the idea of dead-drifting a small streamer as a dropper sounds like a great idea. Let’s see how I do!

Thanks to all who wrote in comments. Enjoy this holiday long weekend.


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2 thoughts on “At the Bench: Black-Nosed Dace

  1. The young of the year baitfish are really small, and abundant this time of year, that is why I use small thunder creeks in the fall. If you just use a strip of fine lead tied along the hook shank, you could dispense with the lead eyes. The eyes are important IMO, and extra small silver/black are what I use, covered over by UV resin.

    Yours should hunt though!

    1. Thank you! Just ordered some silver-and-black eyes. I made the streamer in the photo with the materials I had on-hand. Wish me luck!

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