At the Bench: Crazy-Ass Flies

Yes, that’s right: Crazy. Ass. Flies.

Well, it is September tomorrow. On that month, I find that the fish are incredibly difficult. Nearly all bug hatches have ended. The few still happening are small. And, the fish have seen many flies of many variations over many months.

So, I try to throw flies that are small and annoy “different.”

Tonight, I decided to make some Pheasant Tails in red, size 28. I have no idea if they will work.

But, they’re worth a shot. Photo below.


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11 thoughts on “At the Bench: Crazy-Ass Flies

  1. Judging by the title I was hoping for a post on some crazy streamers for the fall but I like the looks of this thing!

  2. How about an orange version? By the way I booked a trip with Zach at the Farmington yesterday what a place, I got skunked which didn’t bother me a bit as I went to learn tightlining, and he did not disappoint. I learned so much and for my son he truly outfished me for the first time with Zach tutoring us. He got a couple browns and bows and a dry fly brown. I couldn’t recommend him enough and this blog for helping me in my endeavors, and with a 3 day weekend at hand I will be roaming the rivers and brooks of this great region of New England on the cusp of fall.

    1. Also, if you ever have questions about tightlining, send me a comment on the blog. I’m not a world-class expert like Zach or competition anglers, but I devote a lot of time to it and am happy to share lessons learned!

  3. This is when trout of all sizes turn their attention towards other fish as a food supply. Wouldn’t kill ya to stick a little bucktail minnow pattern on a euro nymph rig as the top fly 😉

  4. I’d try a tiny #12/14 Thundercreek BNDace tied w marabou or a similarly sized BlackGhost Marabou. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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