At the Bench: My Lucky Perdigón

Last autumn, I landed my personal best trout. It was a 22″ buck brown. I couldn’t believe my luck.

The fish fell for a brown Perdigón with an orange hot spot. It was in a shallow riffle, most likely grazing on brookie eggs. Or, maybe it was just intrigued by the Perdigón. Either way, I’ll take it!

As the weather turns cooler and eggs start to appear in the drift, I’m reloading the fly boxes with that lucky Perdigón.

It is an easy tie. Coq de Leon for the tail, a hand-stripped peacock quill for the body, fluorescent orange for the hot spot, Loon UV Thin for the coating, and a black Sharpie for the wing case. All on a size 16 Orvis Czech Nymph hook.

May Perdigón luck continue this autumn!


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