Farmington: Part 3

I decided for half the morning to do the opposite of yesterday. I went for volume. Targeted stockies!

Amazingly, the river was pretty quiet in the morning. I split water with an angler named Jay, who is an awesome guy. And, we both were fortunate to do well.

Oodles of brookies, rainbows and browns came to the net.

After that, I shifted gears and again tried to target quality over quantity. Landed some good fish.

The highlight was that I caught the same 14.5″ fish from yesterday. Here are some comparative pics from yesterday and today.

As I wrap up, I want to say some thanks to a few folks.

First, to my family for letting me fish. It is easier now that one child is in college and the others are teenagers. A few times a year, my wife gets a weekend away. And, I do the same. My plan is always the same: I fish.

Second, to Grady Allen of UpCountry. I again stayed at the room above the fly shop and again really enjoyed it. Spotless, and it comes with a fly tying vise and a light/magnifier.

Last, to the gang at Portobello’s. Beck, Art and Sue always are hospitable and professional. It is a great Italian place, and I always have dinner there at the bar. There are some good options for an evening meal in town, but that place really fits me.

As I am fishing about 10 hours a day starting at dawn, breakfast is nuts in the car and lunch is a PB&J while fishing. So, a good dinner is a blessing.

A fun weekend. Very fulfilling.


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2 thoughts on “Farmington: Part 3

  1. Great Read! Fished the Lower Deerfield on Thursday and did very well. The Black Rive in VT and most other anglers were gone by 9:30. Best day ever on the Black.

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