Memorial Day 2017

Fish of this weekend’s trip and the year for me is a 17.5″ brown. It was the hardest-fighting fish I think I’ve ever caught. My personal best at 22″ fought well, but this recent fish wins the gold medal for tenacity, power and wiliness. Two videos below.

Best wishes to all for a peaceful Memorial Day. May we be grateful for our freedom and way of life. We are free to enjoy our lives, and, in my case, this weekend, to relish the chance to be outside.

May we be grateful for those men and women who fought for freedom, and, in many cases, did not return home….



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3 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2017

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for asking and remembering.

      This was my first time on the Farmington with the T&T Contact #3, and it did well. I never felt that the fish amidst the high flows could overpower the rod. But, then again, nor did I with the Sage ESN #3. Both rods are great, but that T&T definitely feels more accurate with casting. Feels lighter, too. Arm isn’t sore.

      Hope you’re having a great holiday!

      1. Yeah, that ESN used to wear me out with the weight of the reel I needed to balance it. Still looking at the 4wt Contact. Need to fish one first.

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