Ready Those Golden Stones

As I wrote, it was a good outing on Saturday at the Farmington. A 16.5″ Survivor Strain brown fell for a Pat’s Legs.

So, it makes sense that I’m seeing reports online of Golden Stoneflies getting active. Here’s one from Vermont:

I find that the Pat’s Legs and the Euro Golden Stone are great patterns in spring and summer. Brown trout in particular seem to like them. The Pat’s Legs I tie to suggest a Golden Stonefly is yellow and black:

Pat’s Legs on jig hook. Via @tightlineproductions. #flytying #barbless #euronymphing #flyfishing

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Here’s the materials list:

  • Hook: a #8 jig hook (for the nymph here) or a #6/#8 Tiemco 5262 (this has a 2x shank length)
  • Bead: Tungsten, 3/16″, locked in place with wraps of 0.02″ non-lead wire
  • Thread: Orvis 6/0, black
  • Legs: Montana Fly Company Barred Sexi-Floss, hot yellow, small. This material wiggles like crazy
  • Body: Variegated chenille, medium, yellow/black

So, that’s it. It’s a very simple tie, and it is deadly. I also tie a version in variegated coffee/black for a more subtle color.

Have fun!


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2 thoughts on “Ready Those Golden Stones

    1. Good eye! Leftovers. I bought some silver beads when I started making flies. Since then, as you may recall, I buy only black beads.

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