Stoneflies on Jig Hooks

Pat’s Legs on jig hook. Via @tightlineproductions. #flytying #barbless #euronymphing #flyfishing

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I’m a big fan of stonefly patterns. If the fish don’t sense you’re near, I find that a sizeable morsel like a Pat’s Legs is something trout almost cannot refuse.

I also am a big fan of barbless jig hooks. They’re very sharp and result in fewer snags, as the hook points ride up.

So, when I saw the video below, I had to try and make some Pat’s-Legs-on-jig-hooks. I’ll be drifting these next time out on the water. I wonder if the “tail” will offer the same seductive movement of a Mop fly?

Happy Patriots’ Day, everyone!



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4 thoughts on “Stoneflies on Jig Hooks

  1. neat idea for this fly! You can keep the size of the jig hook smaller with less damage to the trout from the up pointing hook.

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