Brook Trout

All trout are pretty amazing. Yet, there’s something about a brook trout’s colors. Brown, green, blue, red, orange and combinations thereof. They’re amazing in the fall, when they’re spawning.

Yet, even in winter, they look amazing. Here is a recent one below. So, a toast to brook trout everywhere….


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4 thoughts on “Brook Trout

  1. Nice! Where'd he come from? I caught a 5" brookie in the Swift on Friday. Kind of adorable, really. I very nearly launched him into the woods on a backcast, not realizing he was on there! But all ended well, and he was returned to grow into a six-incher! I do think that the brookie is the most spectacular of the Salmonidae. That white ribbing on the fins is really elegant–almost like white gloves….

  2. You guys always post nice fish pictures. I have to figure out a way to take them when I'm fishing on my own, holding rod, etc etc.

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