New Blog Name and Format

That’s right, the blog is being refreshed!

We’re moving to WordPress, which is more secure and has better features.  As we also are writing about waters outside of the Commonwealth, we’re changing the blog to So, update your feed and email subscriptions when you can. If you have questions, let me know.

In the meantime, I appreciate your patience as we move things over. Thank you!


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4 thoughts on “New Blog Name and Format

  1. Perhaps an odd question. (first though – the site looks great!) The site is popping to my feed, and I have not changed anything… Is that only going to last so long as the old site is live and forwards things?
    Hibernation AKA Will

    1. Glad to hear. Yes, I think the old site has to be up and to redirect. I will probably keep the old one going for as long as I can, for we rank so high on so many search terms based on the old site’s posts. Organic search is our #1 source of traffic. Thankfully, all the old posts and comments came over. The formatting has been so-so. So, I have been going through each old post to fix the formatting. With 500 posts, this will be a long road!

  2. Nice update on the format. Appreciate the fishing reports, providing information, but not too much information and without spot burning. Keep up the good work!

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