A Sexy Walt’s for Spring

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but a Sexy Walt’s variant I tie does really well in the spring. When black stoneflies start to scurry around, I try to throw an imitation nymph. Over time, I’m simplifying my patterns, and so, almost never tie stonefly nymphs with complicated legs and bodies.

I read online that a Hare’s Ear does a good job of imitating stonefly nymphs. So, I started tying them in black. Then, I simplified that further and started to make a black Sexy Walt’s with a bit of chartreuse thread.

Walt's Worm. A variant. Music on, wine open. A good Friday night. #flytying #barbless #flyfishing

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Sometimes, I tie it thin and sparse. At other times, I make it bulky, like the one up top. The nymph works really well, and it recently duped some good fish.


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