A New Friend

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My work schedule has been very hectic, and this weekend will be, too. So, with just a short window after work on Friday, I decided to squeeze in a brief outing at some local water. The tug is the drug, and I was in dire need of a fix.

I’ve continued to work on “floating the sighter”: greasing up my tightline nymphing leader and using it as a delicate indicator to fish smaller nymphs on shallow water.

I found some slow and bubbly water and worked that. Had a take and was grateful to land a little brown. It’s fun to make a new friend.

Best wishes to all for a great weekend. It’s NFL Wildcard weekend. Should be some great football to watch.


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3 thoughts on “A New Friend

  1. Floating the sighter is SO effective when fishing small flies and light tippets. I was greasing up a short section of pink mono for nymphing before I even new what it was called.

  2. I am reading a book right now titled 'Active Nymphing' which advocates moving nymphs a lot more than what I have done in the past, that being dead drift, swing drift, etc. The fella who wrote the book advocates sufficient weight to sink the nymph quickly and move it in small strips of the line through the zone. I look forward to trying the method out. Regards, Sam

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