Podcast on Montana and Aaron Jasper

It’s true. I have a love affair with Montana.

Wild fish, big fish, clean air, and truly amazing waters. I’ve had the chance to fish out there a few times, as I have family out there. I always come back with many incredible memories.

So, I listened intently to an “Ask about Fly Fishing” podcast that featured noted tightline nympher Aaron Jasper. The episode is called “Montana without the Crowds” (link here).

I learned a lot. Here are some examples:



  • Some amazing waters in Montana with many fish and few anglers. He mentioned Rock Creek and the North Clark Fork as examples. 
  • All of his 30″+ trout have been on nymphs sizes 16 and smaller. He doesn’t throw big streamers to trick big fish, as he think that is mostly a low-probability technique.
  • When you have a big fish on, and if it runs, chase after it. Try to keep the distance between you and the fish to 25′ or shorter.
  • A very enjoyable podcast.


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