We yesterday hit 150,000 cumulative page views and are booking nearly 15,000 each month (annualized, that would mean 180,000 page views a year!).

It has been so helpful to have Adam on the team, and it has been great to see so many people comment.

Thank you for your support!

7 thoughts on “150,000

  1. Your success shouldn't be a surprise as you have an excellent blog! Besides the focus on New England waters, and an excellent page layout, you also bring an enthusiastic, unbiased, non-preachy viewpoint to fly fishing. Hey, you have even taught this old grey-hair some new tricks! Thanks.

  2. Adam,

    Nice to run into and meet you the other day at the Stillwater. Enjoy reading the blog now that I have discovered it.


    1. I have. This time I tried the Wachusett Reservoir because the river level is low and it hasn't rained. I saw a few salmon at least, but I couldn't get them to bite.


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