The Deerfield

I’ve never fished it. And, I just received an email asking for advice, of which I had none.

Do any of you know that river?  If so, would you be willing to write a guest post or put in the comments below this post a few tips? No need to share secret spots but your general advice would be helpful in terms of how a new angler should manage the flows, some access points, general flies, etc.

Trying to help out the person who emailed me. Thank you!


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9 thoughts on “The Deerfield

  1. I was actually planning on heading up to that part of the state this weekend. My plans aren't completely set up but I was thinking about trying the Deerfield and some of the tributaries and just poking around the area so this information is helpful for me as well.

    1. Adam,
      I fish the Deerfield fairly frequently and can probably send you in some interesting directions as well as help you navigate the release. I may even be able to meet up for a bit if you have any interest. The river will be somewhat of a zoo this weekend with tubers, rafters and fishermen, but the fish don't seem to be too put off by it.
      Send me an email at bc******@en*****.edu if you'd like.

  2. Nymphing has been very productive lately with the usual variety of suspects. Golden drake anchors have been particularly fun. BWOs and slates have been consistent on top, although they haven't been picky in some stretches, particularly early and late. Terrestrials are just starting to show up, and I got a report yesterday that cinnamon ants were delivering. I am sure hoppers are soon to follow. When those gates open, go big, ugly and heavy. Chuck and duck! Also, the water temps have been getting higher, so look for oxygenated runs and shade with deep water nearby. Tight lines!

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