The JOTO Phone Dry Bag


If you’re looking to keep your phone dry while fishing, I’d recommend the JOTO phone dry bag. It works well and is much cheaper than waterproof cases.

Zach St. Amand had one and raved about it, and so, I bought it. I’ve used it a few times while fishing, and it’s great. The phone is dry, and I can work the touch screen in spite of the plastic lining.

I’ve completely destroyed two phones over the years while fishing. Putting them in plastic sandwich bags didn’t work. If it rained, the phone got wet.

I’ve long resisted the waterproof cases, as they can be about $80 or more. The JOTO is about $8. I really like mine.


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3 thoughts on “The JOTO Phone Dry Bag

  1. Thanks for the heads up on that product. I am going to get one. I dunked my work phone two weeks ago and that did not go over well with the boss. From what I read, pictures taken with phone in the case turn out pretty well too.

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