Fishing with Zach St. Amand

Ok, that was insane. Landed a few dozen trout at the Farmington and just stopped counting.

Best part of the day was going out in the morning with guide Zach St. Amand. I thought I knew how to nymph. I’ve had a lot of success with it. Have not hired a guide in about 10 years. But, with the Farmington so massive, I thought it would be great to have him show me some spots.

He did that, and he also changed my casting, set up, and rig. While demonstrating a tension cast, he hooked and landed a 25″ rainbow. Photo up top.

The guy is a legend. Fish with him.


8 thoughts on “Fishing with Zach St. Amand

  1. That is one awesome fish. Can you elaborate on what changes he made to your rig, and what is a tension cast?


    1. It fully loads the rod so that you can throw the rig about 40 feet (or more). Think of it as a false cast that bends a long and supple Euro-nymphing rod practically at the fighting butt side. In that way, you can long-distance cast to big fish without spooking them.

  2. That's what happens when you let the guide have the rod! I've guided a couple of times and every time the client needed me to demonstrate a cast or a mend a fish would take.

  3. Did he switch u to a euro nymphing setup? He showed me and it completely changed nymphing for me..went from barely competent to very successful. Man is indeed a legend

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