Indian Hollow Gathering at the Westfield River’s East Branch

Each May, there’s a very special gathering over a weekend at the E.B. I’d love to go one day.

Here are the details, which the Greater Boston TU Chapter just sent:

Indian Hollow Annual Meeting and Campout
May 20-23, 2016

After a uncertain winter, a tentative New England Spring is upon us. the Greater Boston Trout Unlimited Chapter would like to help you to celebrate the onset of Spring by inviting you to the Mass./Rhode Island Council (a grouping of TU chapters throughout the Commonwealth and in RI). Bring your camping and fishing gear.

Indian Hollow is a gathering of about 200 TU members from all of the chapters in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and their families. The MA-RI TU Council rents out the Army Corps of Engineers campground in Huntington, MA on a section of the East Branch of the Westfield River, where you can fish day and night, tie flies and stand around telling fish stories by the campfire. You can walk from one group to another learning about other places to fish and meet a bunch of interesting folks with similar interests. The campground is free to use and you can arrive anytime on Friday and stay right through the weekend. You might check with other members of your chapter to see where they typically set up, but it really doesn’t matter.

MA Fish and Wildlife stocks the river with about 800 trout the week before the event.

On Saturday, at about 10:00 a.m. there will be a MA-RI TU Council meeting in the big tent. You’re welcome to join us to learn about some of the hot issues on our plates. This will be followed by a free cookout at noon and a bake sale, raffles and auctions for all sorts of prizes to help support our important conservation work. Among the wonderful items will be FOUR Red Sox tickets located right behind the dugout for the Red Sox vs. the Orioles on June 16th @ 7:10PM. The value of these tickets is $92.00 each.

In the afternoon, around 2:00 p.m., a group will be gathering to collect bugs from the stream in order to learn more about what the nymphs and larvae look like and patterns you’ll want to imitate to catch nice fish.

Saturday night, there is a large bonfire at the west end with more heat than you can stand. Looking forward to seeing you at Indian Hollow!

Please be aware of the issues with bringing firewood from other parts of the state. There will be extra firewood around the campground for free.

Go to this link  for printable directions and a map to Indian Hollow.


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