A while back, because of increasing readership, among other things, the founders of Fly Fish MA extended a request for regular contributors to the blog. At that time I had been reading this blog for a couple of months in anticipation for my move to Massachusetts and I was intrigued by this potential opportunity to be able to share my knowledge and passion for the outdoors, fly-fishing in particular. I responded to the request and I’m glad to say I will become a regular contributor here.

With that being said, I’d like to take this chance to introduce myself and give a little relevant information about my fly fishing background and interests. I have nearly 20 years of fly fishing experience pursuing warm and coldwater fishes in lakes, streams, and really everything in between. These experiences span a wide geographical range as my work and school has taken me from Wisconsin to Minnesota, Idaho, Colorado, Ohio, back to Minnesota, and now to Massachusetts. In addition to fly fishing I am also an avid hunter (bowhunting and waterfowl mostly) and photographer. I envision that my role will be similar to the other contributors in that I will try to post fairly frequently on a variety of topics from fishing reports to unsolicited gear reviews to general fly fishing information. Although I love trout I tend to pursue a variety of species throughout the year so hopefully I can post a few reports, etc. about bass, sunfish, carp, and even some saltwater stuff.

I’ve only been in Massachusetts less than a week so my posts may not be as colorful to begin but as soon as I find a more permanent living situation and get my computer set up I’ll start adding some photos to go along with my posts. I’d also like to encourage readers to interact with the me through the blog and hopefully in “real life” as well. That way we can all learn some new tactics, fishing spots, and get better together. I’m looking forward to exploring this great state! (P.S. I’m getting out for my first trip in Massachusetts this weekend so I should have a report sometime next week).


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