Orvis Hook Assortments

A really kind blog reader wrote in to say “thank you” and to mention that his favorite posts have been the Gear Reviews that we’ve done.

So, here’s one on hooks.

A great deal that offers breadth and depth are fly tying hook sets. I last year bought some of the Orvis Clearwater Hook Assortments, and they serve as the foundation for my fly tying 90% of the time (I’ll write about jig hooks another day).

The hooks come in a handy plastic storage case, and they offer sets for various types of fly tying needs: nymphs, wets, dries, midges, scuds, streamers, and hopper/curved nymphs.

I think the kits are a great deal, as you instantly get a variety of hooks and have enough on hand to tie whatever fly catches your eye in the future. The hooks also are really strong.

I highly recommend them.


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