Having a Plan B

I’ve been venturing out to new waters. It has been fun.

I head out after doing some online research and adopt the “why not?” attitude. I mean, I could head out to the same big rivers and fish the same flies and fight the crowds. But, after fishing those waters regularly for about 18 months, I feel that I now am more than comfortable at those spots.

Time for a new challenge.

So, with freestones in prime conditions, I’ve been find some new water. And, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the huge number of fishable waters that is within a relatively short drive.

I’ve been skunked a few times, but I try to have a Plan B. Recently, I found a new river that supposedly has trout. Well, I didn’t find any. The river was high, or, more likely, I didn’t find their holding spots. But, I was the only angler on the river.

So, I drove to another nearby freestone, which I discovered the prior week and at which I had caught an amazing Alpha Trout. At the same amazing and long and deep run, I this time landed seven browns and rainbows via my Euro-nymphing rig. And, I was the only angler there, too.

All this to say that I hope that you get the chance to try new waters this spring. And, if you’re not having luck, just have a Plan B.


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