Orvis ‘Friends in the Field’ and a Big Thank You

I feel very grateful. I’ve been accepted to the Orvis Friends in the Field program. It comes with a significant price discount for gear and fly tying materials.

The program doesn’t “ask” its Friends to do anything. Orvis just wants to offer its gear to fishing guides, conservation advocates, wildlife management staff members, and those whom they think are passionate about fly fishing and are public about it.

I already shop often at Orvis-related businesses (online, Orvis Dedham, and Concord Outfitters) and already have written about Orvis gear that I already own. I’ll continue to do so. The only difference on this blog is that I’ve now added a label for Orvis on the categories list. I’ll continue to use a great deal of non-Orvis gear, such as my Confluence chest pack and non-Orvis fly rods and reels.

So, wanted to be transparent about this, as I always want to be upfront with our readers.

Also important, I’m writing this specifically to thank Orvis Dedham for its sponsorship.


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