Gear Review: William Joseph Confluence Chest Pack

Unfortunately, the William Joseph Confluence chest pack has been discontinued. The closest substitute I have found is the Wychwood Gear Trap Vest. It looks just like the WJC chest pack except that the compartments are zippered rather than magnetized.

I started using the William Joseph Confluence chest pack, and it has changed how I fish. I learned about it after watching a video on what competitive fly fishermen tend to use (see up top).

I really like the WJC because:

  • It’s a chest pack, and so, the weight is evenly distributed on my shoulders. My sling pack left my one shoulder achy and tweaked my back.
  • The front pockets are magnetized. No need to fumble with zippers, and while I tie on or clip off flies, they can cling safely and securely on a pocket.
  • I can pack a lot of gear efficiently.


It’s not cheap at $150 or so, but it’s been worth the investment for me. I cannot fish often, and so, will put in eight to ten hours straight on the water when I do go out.

If you’re interested, here are some reviews.

I think it’s very telling when very serious anglers start to use the same piece of gear. It means it’s good.


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