Preparing for Spring

It’s still winter, but I’m preparing for spring.

There are only so many fly tying videos I can watch, and I’ve got oodles of flies already. So, I’ve decided to start prepping my gear. Here’s what I’m doing:

Reels: Pull out the spools and clean the reels.

Fly lines: Clean them with soap and water; then, apply fly dressing. I did this last year after watching a Tim Cammisa video about it (more here), and my line just shot out.

Fly rods: Wash them with soap and water and do the best I can to clean the cork grips. Not necessary, but I don’t mind doing it. Rods look almost new when I’m done.

Leader for my Euro-nymphing rod: Re-tie one from scratch, since I noticed quite a few abrasions. I’m experimenting with a new one: Rio’s Euro fly line -> 9′ of 15 lb. Maxima -> tippet ring -> in-line sighter -> tippet ring -> tippet.  This is the leader that a friend uses when he competes in fly fishing tournaments. He uses it to both tightline nymph and throw dries. We’ll see how it goes with this one.

Flies: Organize my fly boxes. I’ve got quite a few store-bought flies that have never been used since I started making my own, and so, I’ve shipped a big pile of flies to Project Healing Waters.

How are you prepping for spring?