Some New Years Resolutions

I’m a little late to the party, but I figured I’d come up with some New Years resolutions for 2016. But first, a glance back at some of the memorable moments if 2015…

  • Year of the carp – I caught nearly a thousand of these things this year! Theyes are much more accessible to me in CA for fly roddin’, and it’s safe to say they are climbing the list quick of my favorite fish to target!
  • Tried fishing for still water trout mire this year, and didn’t do so bad
  • Landed fish in a dozen states
  • And of course, spending time on the rivers with good people!
I think that goals are a good thing. I try to do am many kinds of fishing as possible, but I must admit, most of my angling these past few years has resided in the form of fly fishing medium rivers for trout. So this year I’d like to try some new things…
  • Do some more warm water fishing (for other species besides carp!)
  • Break 30 lbs for carp on the fly rod
  • Make a few hikes into the mountains for remote native trout
  • Try saltwater fly fishing
  • Get back to the east coast and get a striper (goes along with the last one, but I totally missed out on this in MA in the past years)
That’s it for now, but I’m always adding goals throughout the year. And PS, I’m already over 100 trout for the year; it’s a lot more hospitable weather out in CA 😉

3 thoughts on “Some New Years Resolutions

  1. I am in the western part of the state, actually almost in Nevada. Yosemite is somewhat near, along with a lot of high elevation lakes with small streams coming out of them. Your classic freestones are with an hour south of me. Basically a lot of water, and I still have a ton to learn in this region! The ones this month have all been from spring creeks.

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