Son of Sexy Walt’s

I long heard about the Walt’s and Sexy Walt’s flies, but didn’t take them seriously. I mean, they look so simple. How could they work?

My interest was piqued when competitive fly angler Alec Baker (interview here) mentioned that he really likes those flies. So, I started to tie them.

They work really well. I wrote about them here. It is a lesson learned for me: throw flies that catch the fish’s eye, not what catches my eye. I’ve found that flies need to have two or three strike triggers to be effective. In this case it is: the buggy-looking body, segmentation from the wire, and color contrast from the bright thread. Also, a slim profile and a small size help, too.

With small flies ruling the day as we ease into winter, it might be a good idea to tie one of those flies in a smaller version. Above, is a video that does just that.

Tight lines, everyone!


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