Fish This Midge: The Miracle Nymph


A killer nymph for me has been the Miracle Nymph. It is a midge larva pattern. Fish it behind a heavier fly and it is very effective as a trailer. I really like it in sizes 20 to 24. See the video up top on how to tie one.

I’ve found that both segmentation and color contrast are strike triggers. The bit of wire on this pattern gives the former, and the two thread colors give the latter. It is all goodness.Have fun with this. Experiment with different colors and materials. Sometimes, throwing a weird fly is what makes a sluggish trout take notice.

Midge larva patterns are extremely productive. Larvae are always present in the drift and midges can be a huge, if not the #1 source of calories, at many rivers, particularly tailwaters like the Swift.That’s particularly true now, when most major hatches have ended. Midges hatch year round. And, larvae often find themselves jostled by anglers and currents. So, trout frequently see larvae in the drift.

Caveat: IMO, technique is 80% and fly selection is 20%. So, know that takes on midge larvae are very subtle. Use the most sensitive strike indicator you can. Remove any slack between your fly rod and the indicator during drifts. Short and controlled drifts are best.Lift the rod slightly if you see the indicator pause in the slightest way. You might find a trout at the other end. If not, just continue the drift.

Vary the weight you use. Too much and the flies will un-naturally bounce along the bottom and snag some weeds. Too little and you’re not down in the strike zone.

Last, vary the length between your indicator and the flies to adjust to the river’s depth at each spot. A long length will create slack and you’ll miss takes.So, much of this to say: you want to remove slack between the rod tip and the flies. That means removing all slack between the rod tip and the indicator and as much slack as you can between the indicator and the flies. When a trout briefly takes the midge, you want to see that indicator pause before the fish spits out the fly.

Even better, try Euro-nymphing and ditch the indicator all together? If so, more here and here to get you started.

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8 thoughts on “Fish This Midge: The Miracle Nymph

  1. Just found your blog, and I like it. A lot of good stuff you guys have put up.

    Question for you – can you recommend a good 0-2 weight rod that won't break the bank?

    Thank you,
    Mike from Medford

    1. Consider calling Dan Trela. He makes rods and sells them well below market. Tell him your budget and the kind of fishing you will be doing. So many people are quite happy with his products and prices.

  2. Could you tell me how you fish this fly with a Euro rig? Do you tie on a dropper tag, or do you trail it inline behind a heavier fly? Thanks, Alex.

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