15″ Brown Trout with a 4″ Brookie It Coughed Up

I paid a visit to the Swift. I don’t know why Lady Luck recently has come my way, but I again landed about 20 trout. All the fish were healthy, feisty, and released with no complications.

A #20 BWO emerger fished as a dry with Frog’s Fanny was very effective. There were five takes in 10 casts at one point. Some midge larvae flies also really produced. The Miracle Nymph, among others, continued to shine.

The most rewarding fish to land were two brown trout. One was about 16″ and pulled like crazy. The other was about 15″ and beautifully colored. As I was sliding it into the net, it coughed up the remains of a four-inch brookie. I was absolutely stunned. Photos of both trout are up top.

It’s a real joy to be on the water. With clocks turned and the daylight period getting shorter, I’m going to keep fishing.


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