Get Some Frog’s Fanny

As we head towards autumn and winter, most anglers will be fishing small flies. That’s because midges will be the most abundant source of food for trout. And, some are super tiny.

If you can bear it, find or tie some midge flies down to size 32, the smallest hook size manufactured. On some days at the Swift River, sizes 30 and 32 midge emergers really get the job done. So, always have some ready to go.

A key part of fishing midges is to be able to see it afloat. If you’re fishing small dries, get some Frog’s Fanny. I’ve used floatant, and all sorts of dry-shake desiccant. I have found that Frog’s Fanny is by far the most effective, particularly, for CDC flies.

In fact, below, is a video showing how effective the treatment is. It can float a beadhead nymph.


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