Quick Report… Swift

Not much to report lately, but with my arm better and the rivers stocked I made a trip out to the Swift on Sunday. People are catching and doing very well there with all these stockies, but from what I hear, in a week they’ll be sipping 32s with the holdovers.

I took 5 in my trip there – not much compared to some of you guys – but this was only my third trip there so it’s coming along. All mine fell to micro eggs fished on 7x. All ‘bows.
Since I can’t offer a ton of advice, being new to it, I’ll relay some points I gathers from other anglers there on what’s hot right now and some observations…
  • Spuds were taking fish at the pipe… and I don’t mean micro scuds, but regular size 14s!
  • I went up to the Y-Pool at one point in the afternoon… There weren’t as many fish as I usually see. They seem to be spreading into the hemlocks which were absolutely stacked.
  • The river was pretty empty. I saw less than 10 anglers, and half of them were a group of kids fishing together near the Y. Looked like they were hooking fish from what I saw when I walked by. A lot of splashing and a bent rod! Nice going!
  • San Juan Worms were mentioned by literally every angler I talked to. Probably worth having a few.
All for now… I’ll hit the Deerfield and some other local rivers this week. I can offer more insight on those since I know them a lot more thoroughly! 
Tight lines!

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One thought on “Quick Report… Swift

  1. Glad to see you're figuring the Swift out Lance! It's a tricky one, but you're getting it down quick! Please write about the Deerfield if you get out this week… we've had some interest in it and I don't have as much experience there as you.

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