New Fly: The Pink Lady

It could be by imagination, but I’ve noticed trout at times notice a particular color: hot pink. It’s a color I use for SJWs, the JT Special streamer, and my favorite egg pattern.

Since the Swift is so shallow and clear, it’s very easy to see how trout react to various flies. I’ve noticed that when a fly with pink goes by, more likely than not, a trout will go out of its way to inspect it. If I’m lucky, it will mouth it.

And, since I’ve had good luck with small soft hackles, as written here, I decided to combine the two and create this fly in size 22:

The hackles are a bit long for the hook size, but I suspect the pink thread will still be visible to the trout. I’m still new to this fly-tying stuff, having started only last autumn.

I’m calling this fly “The Pink Lady,” and will give it a go the next time I fish the Swift.

It’s fun to try different things.


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