A Great Streamer for Trout: The JT Special

I’m not sure why trout key in on certain patterns, but I’ve had really good luck with a white marabou streamer. On one of my first fly fishing outings, up in Pittsburg, NH, I landed a 5 lb. Brookie with one.

The streamer has also done well for me on rivers such as the Swift and Quinapoxet. If you tied it in a larger size, I suspect bass will like it, too.

I like how the white marabou is easy to spot in the water. So, I can see how the streamer drifts. This can be critical. For example, I caught quite a few winter bows on the Swift with this pattern. In January, the trout were lethargic and I had to vary the swing and retrieve just so. Too slow and they lost interest. Too fast and they gave up the chase. Being able to see the streamer made all the difference.

As I started fly tying, I’ve tweaked the fly over time. I tie it so that it is 2″ to 3″ in length. I’ve read that trout go for baitfish that are <20% their size. It’s hard for them to consume something bigger. So, I’m going for trout that are about 12″ in length, which is probably the average size for stockies.

Here is my current go-to recipe for what I’m calling The JT Special:

Bead: Gold
Weight: .025 non-lead wire
Hook: #10 double-length
Body: roped peacock herl (via a dubbing loop) and white marabou
Collar: pink thread