Why I Blog

People write fishing blogs for different reasons. Sell guiding services, promote a lodge, or market product are just a few. Here is mine: I like to fish.

For me, this blog is a fun hobby. Troy and I are just regular guys, and this isn’t a business. There’s no revenue that goes to us.

It is one reason why we don’t regulate your comments. We’re cool with letting people speak up and speak out, as long as it’s done respectfully.

It’s one reason why we are very open about what flies we use and techniques that work. We think there are much fish and many waters for everyone.

It’s one reason why we don’t believe that our views are the best. Each angler gets to choose gear, flies, and methods that works for him/her. We think that freedom is great. You get to choose. We share what works for us.

It’s one reason why we want to encourage all fly fishermen, whether you’re a pro or new. You may belong to the High Church wherein you fish mostly dries and feel that your way is The Best Way. That’s cool. Or, you may be new to the game and just starting to learn the knots and rigs. That’s cool, too.

All are welcome.

I have met so many generous and kind anglers on the rivers or in the parking lots. We are all connected to this fly fishing thing, and that seems to create a great deal of commonality and conviviality.

So, we hope that this blog adds value to your day. We hope you continue to read it, comment on the posts, and write guest posts. This site is relevant only for as long as you participate and add to the dialogue. So, keeping reading and contributing.

And, we thank you.


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