The Utah Killer Bug


I read online at how one angler’s favorite fly is this one: the Utah Killer Bug.

So, I tied up a few and fished with them a few times. I used a video from Tim Cammisa, at the bottom of this post, as my guide.

I fished it as a trailer fly, behind a Frenchie or a Hare’s ear. It took some fish. The most memorable was an absolutely ferocious hit from a large brown at the Farmington. I was fishing a run where I’ve had luck in the past and experiencing no hits. So, I swapped in the UKB.

I’m finding that it often pays to change flies if you’re fishing a spot that you know holds fish. I’ve placed the UKB on that list now, along with the usual pheasant tail, midges, SJW, caddis emerger, and egg patterns. I think a river or a stream is very dynamic, and conditions can change from one hour to the next. So, IMO, it pays to have some go-to flies “on deck.”


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