A Guide for the Westfield and Deerfield

Grant Figura knows his stuff.

I’ve been following his blog for some time. He takes amazing photos, and, also, clearly knows how to fly fish. I like his even-keel personality, which comes out in his blog posts and art.

If you’re looking to get up to speed on the Deerfield or Westfield rivers, consider hiring Grant. When I was learning how to fly fish, going out a few times with a guide was really fun and helped me learn the craft.

And, I veered towards guides who really loved fly fishing and were mellow about it. I stayed away from “know it all” guides, who were domineering and don’t realize they’re in a client-service job. I’ve been out with one of those, back when I was starting out. No fun.

So, consider working with Grant. You can read more about his guiding services here.


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