Tiger Trout Adventures with a 1-Wt.

I recently bought a 1-wt. It is amazing.

I bought the TFO Finesse rod, which is 6.75′ in length. It’s perfect for the small and local freestone I fish for panfish and trout. I also bought an old-school Orvis reel, the one that makes a clicking noise when fish pull the line.

The rod casts beautifully and much farther than I had thought. Moreover, it’s a tough rod that can land good-sized fish without too much ado.

For example, I recently landed a good-sized tiger trout. With fluorocarbon tippet, it was easy to pull in the fish and not overplay it.

I’ve also noticed that trout fight less hard with this rod than with my 3-wt. I’m only guessing why. Perhaps, it is because a 1-wt. “gives” so much, the trout feels less resistance, and, therefore, freaks out less.

Fun to fish with this fly rod. A total hoot. I love catching big trout, but I’m very happy to cast for small fish in waters very close to my house. It’s a good short-term fix in between the multi-hour drives to and from the major rivers.


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5 thoughts on “Tiger Trout Adventures with a 1-Wt.

  1. Jo, do you think that fluorocarbon tippet makes a big difference in fish landed? I always buy the $4.50 spools of mono tippet, because I don't feel right coughing up $10-20 on a spool of tippet. Opinions?

    Only thought of this because you mentioned fluorocarbon tippet is what you caught the tiger on.


    1. My view is if your system works, stick with it. I use fluoro since 95% of my fly fishing these days is tightline nymphing. Mono floats but fluoro sinks, which is what I want in order to get my nymphs down in the water in a jiffy.

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