Some New-ish Flies to Try

As the temps heat up, water levels lower, and stocked trout get more educated, I am thinking of trying some new-ish and smaller flies. Here are some:

I’ve found that small flies do a better job at fooling trout. So, I recently tied a few new ones:

#22 Pheasant Tail: When I stomach-pumped a few fish last week, they sometimes were full of small and brown mayfly nymphs. I’m not a bug guy, but I thought some PTs could do the job. Honestly, if you’re nymphing and have PTs and Hare’s Ears, you’re usually in very good shape.

#18 Chartreuse Caddis Emerger: Quite a few fish the past few weeks seemed focus on lime-green caddis. One large brown trout’s gut was full of them. So, I have tied a few Barr’s Net Builder flies. I didn’t have Thinskin, and so, I cut some narrow slivers off a plastic sandwich bag. Presto! It’s my first time making the fly, and so, I struggled through it.

#14 Squirrel and Ginger Caddis Emerger: I’ve used this fly in the past and it has been a home run. It’s from Steve Culton, a speaker and guide, (recipe here) and I modified it a bit for materials I do have on hand. On went the partridge soft hackle, gold beadhead, and chartreuse Ultrawire. I did buy the ginger-colored Angora goat fur, and I highly recommend that you do. It’s super-buggy, a fantastic material. Like a hare’s mask on steroids.

Hopefully, these flies will work.


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