Look for Aquifers

Colie Egertson’s recent blog post on the importance of aquifers is a fascinating read. It’s important also as this strategy will help you find more trout.

Some local freestones are starting to push 70 degrees Fahrenheit already. That’s way too warm, too soon. As I’ve written about before, warm water is dangerous for trout. Some guys even won’t fish waters that warm in order to protect the trout. This means that a tailwater like the Swift River will be even more crowded.

Another option is to find waters that are naturally being cooled by aquifers. So, if you want to find more fishable trout waters during heat waves, read Colie’s blog post.

Happy hunting!


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2 thoughts on “Look for Aquifers

  1. Nice post Colie. Luckily RI streams are mostly fed by aquifers or else the high summer temps would kill all the brookies. It seems as though we jumped straight from winter to summer. There has been no rain and high temps. Hopefully we return to spring-like conditions soon or else this could be a rough season especially for freestone brookie streams. You make a good point about not fishing in warm water. I try to avoid it at all costs because the trout are already highly stressed, so fighting them could put them over the edge and kill them.

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