Gear Review: Rio Leader Wallet


Last year, I bought the Rio Leader Wallet, and it’s been very helpful. I store in it quite a few things while also trying to minimize weight:

  • Leaders (obviously)
  • Various pre-tied rigs for dries and nymphs
  • Pre-built 2′ leaders for big streamers
  • Tippet rings
  • In-line strike indicators: the pre-built multi-colored mono kind and the slinky type
  • Some extra bits for worst-case scenarios: 15′ bits of 20 lb. and 15 lb. mono if I need to recreate a leader from scratch and need butt material; and, 6′ sections of both yellow and orange mono, if I run out of in-line indicators on a multi-day trip
  • My fishing licenses (since I hit three states). I put clear packing tape on both sides to make them somewhat waterproof

It helps me stay organized and bring enough back-up emergency materials with minimal weight. With my middle-aged back, I need to downsize the gear I bring with me.

The only downside to the wallet is that it isn’t waterproof. After fishing in the rain, I have to empty each plastic sleeve and air-dry everything overnight. Not a big deal.


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