Trout Stocking in Massachusetts

I awoke this morning to find an ever-shrinking pile of snow outside the window. In fact, where I am, 80% of the snow is gone.

Curious, I decided to see how much snow is left on the ground in Massachusetts. I found this map (more here):

The non-green colors show where snow is currently, with the darker colors indicating more snow.

My guess is that the snow will be gone soon. I think all this means that the roads in the central and western parts of the state should be clear any day now for the stocking trucks to get through everywhere (I read that the Deerfield was stocked last week and that the Millers is to get its browns May 8).

Also, we soon should be done with most of the coldest snow melt, and that will allow the waters to get to the magic mark of 40 degrees Fahrenheit and above (more here on why). I don’t think we’re too far off.

Happy Easter and Passover to all!


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