Trout Flies That Are Working Well Right Now

As I’ve written previously, I want to be an open book about flies and techniques. So many great folks have helped me out over the years. Glad to pay it forward.

So, I wanted to write about the flies that have been working for me thus far. I think newly-stocked trout are attracted to bright flies. As the season progresses, I think they’ll be more choosy, and, on a river like the Swift, for example, will go for smaller flies.

But, right now, the trout rookies aren’t that selective.

Some fly recipes below.


  • Hook: jig nymph, #8 to #14
  • Wire underneath thorax: non-lead
  • Bead: tungsten
  • Tail: Coq de Leon
  • Body: rabbit fur picked from a hare’s mask (used a dubbing loop)
  • Ribbing: crystal flash
  • Wing case: peacock herl
  • Thorax: more rabbit fur, but I picked out longer hairs (used a second dubbing loop)

Note: I used to tie Hare’s Ears with pre-cut dubbing–now, I actually pick fur from a real hare’s mask. It looks much more buggy. No comparison.


  • Hook: #16 emerger
  • Bead: tungsten
  • Body: chartreuse wire (red and copper work well, too)
  • Thorax: peacock herl


  • Hook: jig nymph, #8 to #14
  • Bead: tungsten
  • Wire underneath thorax: non-lead
  • Tail: Coq de Leon
  • Body: pheasant tail
  • Ribbing: gold wire
  • Thorax: pink ice dub
  • Thread collar: pink
  • Hackle: partridge

Tight lines, everyone!


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