A Half-Day on the Swift River

I yesterday fished the Swift River for a few hours. Finishing my taxes was pretty stressful, and I didn’t have any afternoon meetings scheduled. So, I decided to take a half-day of vacation time.

I chatted with some anglers along the path, and everyone was in a great mood. It was a gloriously sunny and warm day. One of those Top 10 Fishing Days.

Fortunately, I came upon a pod of rainbows and landed about 15. I know, I know, they’re stocked fish. But, after this winter, I’m agnostic as to whether the trout are wild or stocked. Two videos up top.

I’ve heard that the stocking has been sparse thus far, as DFW I presume is working as fast as they can to stock as many spots as they can. So, I think the mode should be that you should walk along the river’s bank until you see fish. I think they’re still clumped up together this time of year.

Tight lines, everyone!


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5 thoughts on “A Half-Day on the Swift River

  1. Its a long ride from Stoneham to the swift, but sounds well worth it. If you ever get the hankering to come a little further west to exit 2 off the pike let me know, I usually can put you on to some trout.

    Tight – lines

    1. Actually, it was in some spots.

      I put on some dirt bike screws onto my wading boot soles. They really helped. You can buy them online or some screw-in cleats from Simms, Orvis, etc.

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