The End is Not Near!

Okay guys, great news! Fly Fish MA will not be gone!

Jo, a passionate fly fisher from MA reached out to me offering to be a contributor to the blog. He fishes many places around the state, including some of the rivers that I called home (Niss, Swift, etc.), and he will be able to provide reports from his trips and more!

Obviously, I will not be able to write reports from my own trips, but every now and then I’ll check up on some friends and see where they have been catching, and what’s working. I’ll also do the occasional fly tying post or post about a river or spot I used to fish (until I forget all my spots!). So I’ll also be contributing to the MA blog from CA!

So stay tuned, there will be more coming. We’ll hear from Jo soon, and maybe even get a few reports before winter ends! If it ever ends…

Thanks for everyone who has checked out the blog in the past. I hope the blog can continue to help all of you fly fishers in MA.



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